Tiny AVR/PIC Bootloader+

NXP ARM Cortex-M0 family firmwares:

① TX(RX) port to be used for the boot loader is fixed.
② To enter the bootloader mode, it is necessary to ground during reset pins of interest.

flash map:(0x00000000:0x00001000)
0000:0003 Stack pointer
0004:0007 Reset vector
0008:001B IRQ vector
001C:001F CheckSum 0000:001B
0020:00BF IRQ vector
00C0:0EF7 User Program
0EF8:0EFF User Program jump vector
0F00:0FFF Bootloader
Ram map:(0x10000000:0x10000400)
0000:003F bootloader buffer 64bytes
0040:005F IAP table