Tiny AVVR/PIC Bootloader+

Using PC software:

Linux specifics:

This software works perfectly on Linux but you need to:
  • install "mono" packages.
  • allow normal user to read and write serial port, used to program your PIC device, with:
    sudo chmod a+rw /dev/ttyUSB0
    ("/dev/ttyUSB0" can be "/dev/ttyS1", etc... it is just an example, change it by the serial port you effectly use).
To run the program, go to it's folder and type:
mono TinyPicBootloader+.exe

Software User's manual:

Main tab

### todo

Configuration tab

### todo

Debug tab

### todo

Use TinyPicBootloader+ with command line

Syntax is:
tinypicbootloader+.exe "c:\folder 1\folder etc\file name.hex" [COMx [BaudRate]|auto] [exit]
If 'auto' is used, then autodetect the right COM port and baud rate (only if automatic Reset on RTS serial pin is enabled and correctly connected to PIC device).
If 'COMx' or 'BaudRate' aren't passed in arguments, the previuos option used in the GUI (stored in the it's depending "config.ini" file) will be used.

tinypicbootloader+.exe "c:\test file.hex" COM8 9600 exit
tinypicbootloader+.exe "c:\test file.hex" com8
tinypicbootloader+.exe "c:\test file.hex"
tinypicbootloader+.exe "c:\test file.hex" EXIT
tinypicbootloader+.exe "c:\test file.hex" auto
Configure "Great Cow Graphical BASIC"
- go to "Edit -> Preferences..." menu
- in "Programmers" tab, click on [Add...]
- fill as follow:

Configure "Flowcode V5"
- go to "Build -> Compiler options..." menu
- in "Programmer" tab, fill as follow (com9 and 115200 are just an example, change with your own configuration or live it blank):