Tiny AVR/PIC Bootloader+

Use TinyBootloader+ with Arduino:

Last edit: Dan 2014-04-21

Hi, all

Because I managed to use the tiny bootloader from Arduino, and reports.

I can write without using ISP ATTINY. As ATMEGA.

Way of thinking:

1. Arduino writing of the program by starting avrdude.
2. If you make a avrdude_wrapper, writing any program can be launched from the Arduino.


1. Install arduino-tiny.

2. Move avrdude.exe of Arduino-IDE included.
From C:\Program Files\arduino\hardwear\tools\avr\bin\avrdude.exe
To C:\Program Files\arduino\hardwear\tools\avr\etc\

3. Make a avrdude_wrapper and rename to avrdude.exe

4. Copy avrdude.exe to C:\Program Files\arduino\hardwear\tools\avr\bin\

5. Edit "Prospective Boards.txt" within arduino-tiny.

6. Case attiny13,Add the following lines: 856=1024-2*84(bytes)

attiny13-8.name=ATtiny13 (internal 9.6 MHz clock)

How to use: (Case attiny13)
① write a Tiny Avr/Pic Bootloader+ firmware to ATtiny13A,
Setting of the fuse bits: High = 0xEF, Low = 0x7A

② Connection of ATtiny13A(VDD,VSS,TX,RX,RESET)
Case bootloader_13A_84w_r4 within Tiny_Avr-Pic_Bootloader+ (v0.8.3.1)
Serial RXD(Signal level after conversion) == ATtiny13A_softserial_TX=PORTB,4
Serial TXD(Signal level after conversion) == ATtiny13A_softserial_RX=PORTB,3
Serial DTR(Signal level after conversion) == ATtiny13A_RESET=PORTB,5 (0.1uF)

③ Starting the Arduino

④ Tools-board, Select ATtiny13(internal 9.6MHz clock).

⑤ Tools-Serial Port, Select COM port.

⑥ Load Sketch of attiny.

⑦ File-Upload
 Bootloader was written in ATtiny13A is reset automatically to ATtiny13A at this time to start.
 Tiny Avr / Pic Bootloader + host program starts automatically ATtiny13A to HEX file transfer.

⑧ Sketch Once all files have been successfully uploaded, the application starts automatically after about one second.